Studio Blackburn Manifesto

We want working at Studio Blackburn to feel as absorbing and rewarding as anything we do in our free time.

To make this happen and keep it happening we’ve made seven promises. We will:

Work as a team to realistically categorise and calculate the likely rewards against the likely pain of every opportunity and/or client that finds us before deciding whether or not to embrace them.

Have a disciplined de-brief from each project we complete so we can assess how accurate our reward versus pain calculations were and improve our ability to gauge future opportunities.

Commit to actively identify clients and projects we aspire to but don’t yet work with and then generate and pitch ideas to them.

Only employ and partner with kindred spirits – people who excel at what they do and share our values.

Value time – it is the stuff that life is made of. This means starting and ending every working day and client project on time and keeping detailed records of what we spend our time on so we can cost our work and value our roles accurately.

Balance the need to feed our creativity with our responsibilities to tend to the farm of fee-generating work. Both have value and importance.

Supportively stretch one another and ourselves. We won’t grow creatively, commercially or spiritually without it.